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Featured Pedals: Baldera Mosfet Drive

hqdefault1 A lot of overdrive pedals are really great at singing lead sounds, but fall flat when used on a rhythm guitar part. The Mosfet Drive from Miami based Baldera Effects sounds right at home in either scenario. Whether used on lead or rhythm parts, players of all...


New Pedals, Bogner La Grange

bogner_lagrange1 The Marshall Plexi is one of the most iconic amps of all time, and it has been used on countless classic recordings. Many pedal makers have tried to cram this beloved amplifier design into a stompbox to varying results.


Featured Pedals: KHDK No.1 Overdrive

khdk-no1-overdrive-1-555x4931Perhaps some of the most sought-after tones of all time belong to heavy metal giants Metallica, specifically their lightning-fingered lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. One of their latest offerings from his new enterprise KHDK Electronics, the No.1 is fueled by a blend of transistor and op-amp design,...


Retail Space’s gear and creative process


Catchy but soulful, vintage but vogue, Retail Space is a Brooklyn-based duo dropping some highly dynamic music. In a scene that is getting increasingly weary of the neo-psych aesthetic, the band manages to masterfully package synth-y, psych pop vibes with...


Brooklyn Synth Expo 2016!

On the heels of the last year's third edition, attended by more almost 1200 musicians - we are proud to announce the Brooklyn Synth Expo 2016, once again hosted by Williamsburg's instrument store READ MORE

New, tiny pedals: Valeton Coral Mod

20160521153908_3941 Guitarists who are looking for a modulation effect that's both super flexible and super tiny should take a hard look at Valeton Effects' Coral Mod, a mini stompbox that packs a surprising amount of options. At the heart of this pedal is a digital design that allows for 16 different...


Featured Pedals: JangleBox Compressor

jb-silo1 JangleBox's owner and designer Steve Lasko created the Janglebox Compressor with a clear goal in mind: to reproduce the bright ringing chime and sustain that was popularized by the Beatles. Guitarists took notice, bought many units, and a pedal company was born.


Seminal, vintage pedals: Ampeg’s Scrambler – by Gearphoria

scp-odscrambler-299d1cbb0a6e699b20d699efe71c453b1 In the late 1960s, about the same time Ampeg was working to introduce its now SVT amplifier, the company hopped onto the fuzz bandwagon with the introduction of the Scrambler. The SVT is a legend. The Scrambler was a stunning failure. It was rumored...


Featured Pedals: Wave Rider Tremolo by Jonny Rock Gear

jonny Ever try and dial in the perfect tremolo sound, only to find out that it is either too fast or not fast enough for the song you are playing? Finding the sweet spot with a tremolo’s speed control can be tough, in particular when you have an idea...


T-Rex Replicator Eurorack at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit

replicatpor T-Rex Effects used the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit to unveil their newest creation: the Replicator Eurorack analog tape echo. This studio/keyboard/synth-friendly cousin of the highly-touted stompbox version uses much of the same technology as the original,  but has certain parameters and features optimized for rack...


Fuzzrocious Pedals’ board at the BK SBE

Fuzzrocious Pedals Hailing from Mount Laurel, NJ, Fuzzrocious Pedals participated with this board at our latest Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, showcasing the company's growing family of stompboxes. We asked owner Ryan Ratajski to share the Fuzzrocious news: "[At the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit] we shared a new pedal that will be co-released with...


New Pedals: F-Pedals’ Echo Bandit

eb_large1 Tape echo has attained an almost mythical status in the music production world, by boosting the widespread love for this spacey effect with the "vintage factor" of analog tape and all its warmth and fluttery character. No wonder many manufacturers are attempting to recreate the sound of those old analog tape echo machines...

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