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Strange Names’ gear and creative process


Minneapolis transplants Strange Names have brought to NYC a swagger and confidence most of the local hipsters cannot emanate even if they tried. Their style that flirts with the clean, stylized sounds and imagery of the pop of...


New Pedals: EHX Good Vibes

EHX%20Good%20Vibes-1200-80[1] Considered one of the quintessential guitar effects, the Uni-Vibe has had a legendary mystique ever since the great Jimi Hendrix added the psychedelic tones it offers to his classic sound. Electro-Harmonix has been making excellent pedals for years, and it's well-known for designing great...


Featured pedals: ScreaminFXs Banshee Boost/Overdrive

Designed to be run in front of your amplifier to achieve maximum fullness, the Banshee Boost/Overdrive from Austin boutique pedal builder ScreaminFX is an interesting design. What sets this pedal apart from other similar boosts is the passive circuitry that adds just the right amount of...


New Pedal Manufacturers: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

IMG_3815 We’re always looking to keep folks informed of new boutique pedal manufacturers as we hear of good new projects catching a bit of positive buzz. The latest stompbox company we would like to highlight is Old Blood Noise Endeavors, which participated in our latest Summer...


Empress Of’s Gear and Creative Process

Empress-Of[1] The two preview singles from Empress Of's upcoming album ('Kitty Kat' and 'Water Water') reveal how the project of Brooklyn's songwriter and producer Lorely Rodriguez is evolving from its dream pop beginnings towards a more experimental sound, closer to...


Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2015 announced!


The Deli, Delicious Audio, and Main Drag Music are proud to announce the 5th edition of The NYC StompBox Exhibit, a free for all interactive display of guitar effect pedals.


Tribute Audio’s Effect Integrator

Effect-Integrator-Product-Shot-555x710[1] Have you ever wanted to run vocals through your guitars pedals, just to see what kind of sonic madness can be obtained? The Effect Integrator from Tribute Audio Designs (a company that participated in our latest Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit) might be just what...


Holy Ghost!’s Synths, Gear and Creative Process

HG Press Photo 1

Active since the beginning of the decade, NYC born and bred synth pop duo Holy Ghost has been able not only to remain relevant in an ever changing musical scene, but also to deliver new memorable singles with every...


Adventure Audio’s pedalboard at SNAMM 2015

11694805_665299390271500_3921907705799396350_n[1] Adventure Audio participated in our Summer NAMM 2015 Stompbox Exhibit, showcasing their growing family of pedals, now including the mysterious TARS Fuzz (a pedal inspired by the movie "Interstellar"), the Fuzz Peaks (a spin on the classic Black Russian Big Muff circuit),...


Boards at the SNAMM ’15 Stompbox Exhibit

IMG_3802 IMG_3803 Check out all the boards of the manufacturers that participated in the Summer NAMM 2015 Stompbox Exhibit!


New pedals at SNAMM: Humboldt’s Regainer and Preserver

11201906_612066238894390_4018717362170703519_n[1] Guitar pedals with wooden enclosures are not an entirely unforeseen idea, but - at least as far as we know - in this field no company has taken things quite as far as Chilean manufacturer Fuse, with their new Humboldt line, handcrafted in Valparaiso...


Teenage Love’s Gear and Creative Process

You shouldn't let go of an ideal band mate: Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell found each other, and not even an ocean in between is slowing down their collaboration, that goes under the name of Teenage Love: the...

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