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New Pedals: DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay

digitech-obscura-970-80 In its long history, Digitech is probably best known by pedal aficionados for its breakthrough pitch-shifting Whammy pedal and a string of popular blue loopers - including the latest JamMan. The American manufacturer has been a characteristic dark horse of the effects industry, but its products have...


New Pedals: Splash Reverb Mk3 by Crazy Tube Circuits

Splash mk3 pic 4_s Crazy Tube Circuits has perfected the art of marrying the analog and digital worlds to create some of the most versatile and innovative guitar pedals that exist on the flooded boutique market today. The Splash Reverb Mk3 continues this tradition with three settings, each...


Real tape in a new stompbox? T-Rex Replicator

T-Rex_Replicator_Bandecho_Back-770x425 We hate to do this to the guitarists out there, but you need to start saving up $800. Rarely does a new pedal completely blow our minds, but this one is pretty special. Amidst of all the hullaballoo around pedal makers and players trying to nail...


Whirlwind OC Bass at the BKLN Stompbox Exhibit 2015

836347482_o[1] There’s a little bit of Whirlwind on every stage you have played on, not just because the Rochester, NY based manufacturer makes extremely popular break out boxes, cables and other electrical items useful in a live settings, but also because they pretty much...


Wild Ones’ Gear and Creative Process


Led by Danielle Sullivan's gentle and compassionate voice, Portland's indie pop outfit Wild Ones sounds anything but wild, although they do enjoy experimenting with sounds, which - in a sense - is kind of wild! Their music has the ability to sound...


Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2015 – September 19-20!


The Deli, Delicious Audio, and Main Drag Music are proud to announce the 5th edition of The NYC StompBox Exhibit, a free for all interactive display of guitar effect pedals.


New Pedals: EHX 22500 Dual Stereo Looper

Jul15_LNU_EHX_Looper_WEB[1] Looper pedals are a must-have for any musician to sketch song ideas or jot down acousmatic sounds. EHX is well known for creating the 16-Second Digital Delay (arguably the first delay/looper pedal), as well as the now-discontinued multi-track workhorse 2880. But their newest looper pedal take...


J Mascis’ tone? ZVEX Vexter Double Rock

unnamed (2) These days, the name of Boston's guitarist and multi-instrumentalist J Mascis resonates with many musicians based in the NYC borough we also call home (Brooklyn). Since the turn of the decade, our sister site The Deli, a blog exclusively focused on emerging NYC bands, has covered the blossoming of...


Strange Names’ gear and creative process


Minneapolis transplants Strange Names have brought to NYC a swagger and confidence most of the local hipsters cannot emanate even if they tried. Their style that flirts with the clean, stylized sounds and imagery of the pop of...


New Pedals: EHX Good Vibes

EHX%20Good%20Vibes-1200-80[1] Considered one of the quintessential guitar effects, the Uni-Vibe has had a legendary mystique ever since the great Jimi Hendrix added the psychedelic tones it offers to his classic sound. Electro-Harmonix has been making excellent pedals for years, and it's well-known for designing great...


Featured pedals: ScreaminFXs Banshee Boost/Overdrive

Designed to be run in front of your amplifier to achieve maximum fullness, the Banshee Boost/Overdrive from Austin boutique pedal builder ScreaminFX is an interesting design. What sets this pedal apart from other similar boosts is the passive circuitry that adds just the right amount of...


New Pedal Manufacturers: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

IMG_3815 We’re always looking to keep folks informed of new boutique pedal manufacturers as we hear of good new projects catching a bit of positive buzz. The latest stompbox company we would like to highlight is Old Blood Noise Endeavors, which participated in our latest Summer...

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