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EZTV Ezra Tenenbaum’s pedalboard (or lack of thereof)

10906056_757800127636060_4373171122646718502_n[1] Ezra Tenenbaum used to write about guitar pedals for this very blog. We were pleasantly surprised to see his new band EZTV signed with super buzzworthy Brooklyn label Captured Tracks (home to notable artist such as Mac...


NashPedals presents two new pedals at the SNAMM Stompbox Exhibit

IMG_2729[1] New stompbox manufacturer NashPedals has a bit of a dual namesake as it was founded by Nash Probst in early 2011 and it also happens to be based in Nashville. Nash began in the early days by focusing mostly on true bypass loopers, other routing...


Stompbox Exhibit at SNAMM 2015 – List of Manufacturers

10492084_491919504276157_8868667613240096786_n[1] The Stompbox Exhibit's booth from SNAMM 2014[/caption]We've been taking our Stompbox Exhibit concept to the NAMM shows since 2013, mainly with the purpose of allowing emerging manufacturers to be able to showcase their products at these important conventions at a fraction of the price. At this...


The Life Electric’s Gear and Creative Process

10299153_665756773471611_2790365223140037998_n[1]Active since 2011, Boston's The Life Electric play rather aggressive but always melodic rock'n'roll, with psych and disco influences. Their personal guitar sound is crafted through carefully chosen...


New Pedals: Black Cat N-Fuzz

Jun15_Blackcat_nfuzz_WEB[1] Our friends at Black Cat Pedals just released a new fuzz stompbox called N-Fuzz based on an N-Channel transistor (hence the name). This box is based on the Fuzz channel of the OD-Fuzz, but with Japanese components and an extra wide ranging Bias control...


New Pedals: DLS Effects’ Rotospin

DLS-RotoSPIN-str[1] DLS Effects is offering the guitar world a new 'spin' on a classic and timeless guitar effect – the rotary speaker effect. Long used paired only with a Hammond organ, early guitar players and recording engineers discovered that the rotary effect sounds ridiculously good when used...


New Pedals: Red Panda Raster

stacks_image_614[1]It’s not really fair to classify the new Red Panda Raster Delay as just a delay pedal. The Raster is actually more of a Leatherman type multi-tool effect, as it not only has all your standard digital delay needs covered (up to 750 ms and...


Bowmont’s Gear, Synths and Creative Process

Bowmont is a Brooklyn based trio that's been delivering beautifully textural and atmospheric synth-pop since the beginning of the decade. It has the luck of having a GRAMMY award winning engineer among its ranks (Jeremy Loucas), who also happens to be obsessed with synths. The...


Skreddy Pedals’ take on the Tone Bender: the Kusanagi Fuzz


The Tone Bender is one of the most legendary effects in guitar history, and for good reason. The signature fuzz sound it produced inspired a generation of burgeoning rock guitarists. It was a notoriously fickle design though, using rare components and positive ground...


New Pedals: Big Knob’s Wah Fix

Jun15_LNU_WahFixModel_FEAT[1]Big Knob Pedals, out of Studio City, CA (interesting name!), recently introduced the Wah Fix filter pedal, a stompbox that allows guitarists to lock into the sweet spot of the frequency sweep of a wah pedal - a trick Frank Zappa, among others, used...


New Pedals: Matthews Effects Conductor Tremolo

conductor-1[1]Eastern Washington based manufacturer Matthews Effects has created a new spin on one of the most popular effect in music history: the tremolo. The controls for the Conductor are where the pedal really shines with its unique versatility. The depth knob, capable of quite...


Ava Luna’s Gear and Creative Process


Active since the late aughts, indie collective Ava Luna precipitated NYC's soul revival of the 2010s. From that hub of DIY creativity that is Bushwick's Silent Barn, the band's fourth LP, Infinite House, continues their homage to variety...


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