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The Dough Rollers and the Recording Process

The Deli believes that if a band can rock properly, and does it for long enough, somebody important is going to take notice at some point. For NYC's The Dough Rollers, that somebody was Jack White, who signed them...


WOLVVES: About Gear and Recordings

It's rare to find top notch musicians and producers giving their soul to a musical project that puts edge and experimentation before anything else. Such is Brooklyn band WOLVVES, formed by the Valleau triplets, who forge suspenseful (if not terrifying),...


Lodro’s gear and DIY recordings

Brooklyn's Lodro sounds like a band with dangerous, dark intentions. On top of that, bassist and lead singer Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends) has the looks of one of those irresistible Pulp Fiction-style, not to be trusted female characters , while Jeremy Cox's guitar does whatever...


Azar Swan: about Gear and Recording

Emerging from the ashes of previous incarnation Religious to Damn, Zorah Atash and Joshua Strawn have spent the last few years creating a compelling new sound and image as Azar Swan. Their recently released full length album “Dance Before the War,” available from Handmade...


Big Ups in the Studio: Pedals, Equipment and Recording Techniques

Big Ups are at the forefront of a rising group of Brooklyn bands eschewing lo-fi pop, shoegaze or electro for something heavier and more direct. We asked them a few questions about recording, guitarist Amar Lal answered them.


Total Slacker: pedals, equipment and recording

We asked self-described slimegaze practitioners Total Slacker a few questions related to recording... read it here.


Azar Swan and the Recording Process

Emerging from the ashes of previous incarnation Religious to Damn, Zorah Atash and Joshua Strawn have spent the last year creating a compelling new sound and image as Azar Swan


Baby Alpaca and the Recording Proces

This is one of those projects that's seemed to come out of nowhere but now it's everywhere.Baby Alpaca, originally from Ohio, this Brooklyn-based duo is currently recording a full length album to be released on Atlas Chair....


Stationary Set’s Recording Process

When it comes to melody, Brooklyn’s The Stationary Set is anything but shy. Their brand of electro pop is dramatic and soulful – these 5 dudes are not afraid to get feely and...


TEEN and the Recording Process

A former member of ambient indie pop group Here We Go Magic, Teeny Lieberson formed TEEN in 2011. Her sisters Katherine and Lizzie and friend Jane Herships completed the line-up, and...


Band in the Studio: Aye Nako

Say what you will of Pitchfork (we kind of detest their judgmental, patronizing, 'this-is-the-truth-period'' style reviews), but it's commendable that they still manage to highlight albums and artists that are seemingly coming out of nowhere, like NYC Noise...


Bands in the Studio: Skaters


SKATERS excitedly pronounces their name repeatedly on landing on their nondescript website. But once you've seen the pizza-loving video for 'Schemers,' you'll get a better idea for the sense of humor the trio is...

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