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Baby Alpaca and the Recording Proces

This is one of those projects that's seemed to come out of nowhere but now it's everywhere.Baby Alpaca, originally from Ohio, this Brooklyn-based duo is currently recording a full length album to be released on Atlas Chair....


Stationary Set’s Recording Process

When it comes to melody, Brooklyn’s The Stationary Set is anything but shy. Their brand of electro pop is dramatic and soulful – these 5 dudes are not afraid to get feely and...


TEEN and the Recording Process

A former member of ambient indie pop group Here We Go Magic, Teeny Lieberson formed TEEN in 2011. Her sisters Katherine and Lizzie and friend Jane Herships completed the line-up, and...


Band in the Studio: Aye Nako

Say what you will of Pitchfork (we kind of detest their judgmental, patronizing, 'this-is-the-truth-period'' style reviews), but it's commendable that they still manage to highlight albums and artists that are seemingly coming out of nowhere, like NYC Noise...


Bands in the Studio: Skaters


SKATERS excitedly pronounces their name repeatedly on landing on their nondescript website. But once you've seen the pizza-loving video for 'Schemers,' you'll get a better idea for the sense of humor the trio is...


Brick + Mortar and the Recording Process

New Jersey rockers Brick + Mortar are a refreshingly new sounding indie band bent on visual elements and electronic samples, which combined with their abrasive vocals, makes them stand out from the rest.  We asked the duo, made up of Brandon Asraf and...


Spirit Family Reunion and the Recording Process

Spirit Family Reunion, from whom you can expect a classic kind of Americana performed by musicians who know how to pluck a banjo the right way, sat with us to talk about their recording process. What really makes this band stand out is that...


Companion and the Recording Process

Companion, a Brooklyn based art pop project with a twist, is the latest endeavour of singer Pepi Ginsberg (from Red and East is East). The process of developing this new sound began around Pepi's home recordings,...


X Ambassadors and the Recording Process

X Ambassadors' music is full and energetic, but they aren’t scared to slow things down and get sensitive from time to time. The sound of this Brooklyn based quartet emanates from drummer Adam Levin’s...


Laura Stevenson and the Recording Process

With the new album "Wheel", just fresh out of the oven, NYC songwriter Laura Stevenson decided to up the production value, steering away from the lo-fi approach of her previous two albums. She enlisted producer Kevin McMahon, someone whose work she respected immensely...


Bands in the Studio: Recording Parquet Courts

Jonathan Schenke, sound engineer and music lover, recorded the debut album of Brooklyn indie rock buzz band Parquet Courts. We asked him a few question about that experience.


Sunglasses and the Recording Process

Blending the complex harmonies of The Beach Boys with the gritty aesthetics of the new millennium's bedroom pop, Sunglasses add a new chapter to the Brooklyn DIY scene - which they recently embraced after moving from Savannah,...

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