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Stone Cold Fox’s pedals and gear

unnamed Melodic and atmospheric, Brooklyn's Cold Stone Fox boasts a sound that's multifaceted but extremely balanced. Their latest EP 'Tunnel Vision' harmoniously blends psychedelia with some of that melodic, ethereal but somewhat dark rock of the '80s (we hear a little bit of...


EQD Organizer – Honduras’ favorite pedal

12063738_1024291974259248_5489437234090265338_n[1] With obvious nods to psych rock and krautrock evident in their latest EP, 'Gathering Rust,' to call Honduras simply a punk or post-punk band would be reductive. The quartet manages to combine...


Klon KTR Overdrive – Acid Dad’s favorite pedal

12990833_1026837694056962_5598977515312322354_n[1] NYC's Acid Dad, elected as The Deli's Best Emerging Band of 2015 just a few months ago) boast an electric sound that welcomes psychedelia, garage rock, and post punk in constantly varying doses, and a rock'n'roll attitude that screams "NYC late '60s"...


J.Views’ creative process and gear on the “401 Days” album


In any creative field, there is really no way to stick around for long without some level or self-reinvention. Interestingly, NYC electronic musician J.Views (previously known as J.Viewz) found a way to make this process less about "self" and more about others: his new full...


Violet Sands’ creative process and gear

13178655_1292401510789626_4259100016379011382_n[1] Featuring the mellow vocals of former Savoir Adore lead singer Deidre Muro, the atmospheric guitar work of MGMT collaborator Derek Muro (her brother), and the virtuoso electronic programming of French Horn Rebellion's David Perlick-Molinari (her husband), Violet Sands sounds like a musical experiment aimed at demonstrating that...


TEEN’s favorite pedal: Eventide Pitch Factor

TEEN's 2016 album Love Yes is a playful aural kaleidoscope that follows in the footsteps of imaginative, brainy, NYC based pop bands like The Talking Heads and They Might Be Giants. In the NYC scene, these ladies are a force to be reckoned with, relentlessly prolific...


Corbu’s Synths and Live Setup


Heavily inspired by a life of vivid dreaming, Brooklyn's Corbu take the concept of "Dream Pop" to the extreme, by expressing their interpreted realities of the 'sleep-world' through their music . The band just released single 'Polygon Forest' off of their soon to...


Dilly Dally introduces us to Wounded Paw’s Battering Ram

20160505_123740 Dilly Dally is not a new band in the Toronto scene (they were born in 2009), but it's one of those rare ones that get better with time. 2015 was their year, thanks to their deliciously noisy debut album 'Sore,' a record...


Gothic Tropic’s favorite pedal: EQD’s Afterneath

12814240_1067225816652467_1294604515947130999_n[1] Cecilia Della Peruti is a creative force to be reckoned with in the LA scene. Her band Gothic Tropic's musical output could be seen as a permanent effort to defy categorizations: disparate influences like rock, pop, ambient, African melodies and even jazz find...


Tall Juan’s Classical Guitar Driven Garage Pop

a3700720230_10[1] We've seen our fair share of interesting use of guitar related gear, but, honestly, the idea of a classical guitar associated with garage rock never crossed our mind. Enter Tall Juan from Queens, NY, who begs to differ!


The Beaches’ Guitar Pedals

IMG_4669 Power girl band (or girl power band?) The Beaches made quite a splash last year in Toronto. In honor of our upcoming first Toronto Stompbox Exhibit, we asked guitarist Kylie Miller to tell us about her favorite guitar pedals... here's what she had to say! "Here’s my pedal board, pretty...


Kevin Garrett’s Gear and Creative Process

Kevin Garrett has emerged in 2015 as one of NYC's most prominent young songwriters.  Unapologetically moody, soulful at heart, incurably ballad-prone, Kevin's songs have the aura of old time classics, but their production process is as modern as it gets, centered - as...


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