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The Fantastic Plastics’ Gear and Creative Process

318073_511477292208825_1176848818_n[1] It's almost impossible to not be immediately smitten with the Fantastic Plastics. With their bright colors and quirky demeanor, the Brooklyn-based duo re-imagines retro-synth pop for the 21st century. While they're sure to delight nostalgia seekers, the band's catchy, fun tracks have a wide appeal that's...


Surf Rock is Dead’s Guitar Pedals

srid With a sound both meditative and gothy, Brooklyn duo Surf Rock is Dead pairs sunny melodies to melancholic tinges, ala the Drums, but with a much shoegazier approach, a kind of music that's tightly connected to the use of...


Pavo Pavo’s Gear and Creative Process

13428659_1746723802208671_5870013646180779975_n1 With psychedelic leanings and spacey synths that could believably been beamed down from Pluto, Brooklyn-based Pavo Pavo has a sound that's both warm and familiar, and yet hard to place. The band seems to comfortably straddle between the deeper trenches of Brian Wilson's brain and the new face...


Computer Magic’s Synths and Creative Process

10534724_886453314700770_4257922320623126290_n1 Danz Johnson, aka Computer Magic, is by no means a tyro when it comes to navigating the music scene. In just 6 years, the Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist amassed 10+ releases, became something of a sensation in Japan, and shows no signs...


Minature Tigers’ Gear and Creative Process

14720612_10154757121309155_2432180885236369966_n1 Miniature Tigers is officially back with their first release since 2014. I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy, the new 11-track LP from the indie rock band is a short departure from the group's previous releases--often unpolished, organic, and lovingly displaying...


The Landing’s Gear and Creative Process

14095951_1092139190881003_5780590724243217941_n1 Meditating about the universe is heavy stuff but, like much in life, you have the option of being consumed, or delighted by your surroundings. Brooklyn-based electronic artist, The Landing, does the latter. Producing synth-pop tracks that have their feet planted firmly...


Big Thief’s Buck Meek shows us the effects on his pedal board

bt Big Thief's debut album "Masterpiece" has been rocking our world this year - our sister blog named it The Deli NYC's Record of the Month back in July. We asked the band's guitarist...


Modular on the (NYC) roof, with Wandertalk

14642162_685951068223935_8826614335113845452_n1 One of the cool things about organizing the Brooklyn Synth Expo is that we get to know some new, local, talented electronic artists. Enter Wandertalk, the project of NYC based synth-head Nik Kwas, who also enjoys shooting videos of electronic musicians playing their modular racks on a roof...


Lewis Del Mar’s Gear and Creative Process

After gracing (two thirds of) The Deli's 2016 SXSW issue's cover, Rockaway Beach, NY's experimental soul pop duo Lewis Del Mar had a pretty exciting year, culminating in the recent release of their self titled debut album, and the US and EU tour...


Retail Space’s gear and creative process


Catchy but soulful, vintage but vogue, Retail Space is a Brooklyn-based duo dropping some highly dynamic music. In a scene that is getting increasingly weary of the neo-psych aesthetic, the band manages to masterfully package synth-y, psych pop vibes with...


Yoke Lore and the creative process

Combing lush vocal harmonies and smart, dance-y, instrumental layers, Yoke Lore creates tunes that have the force of a formidable sonic front, but still manage to seem sincere. Though his tracks reflect a ready-for-airwaves sheen, there's nothing about the Brooklyn-based artist's music that seems rote,...


Arc Iris’ gear and creative process

arciris Arc Iris was started by Jocie Adams (formerly of The Low Anthem) as a solo project in 2012 before enlisting the help of Zach Tenorio-Miller on keyboards and Ray Belli on drums, and in 2014 they released their...

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