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Ghost King’s guitar pedals on “Bones”

13592803_1263358687022711_6446972213589363482_n[1]Ghost King's 2016 debut album "Bones" impressed our friends at The Deli so much that they made it NYC Record of the Month back in April. The album features what could be seen...


Half Waif’s gear and creative process

13332970_1145835252104485_2299706034381567679_n[1] With her latest project, Half Waif's Nandi Rose Plunkett has successfully bridged the ever-growing chasm between "avant" and pop, taking Radiohead's lesson to a more intimate and less pretentious place. The band's sophomore album 'Probable Depths" is an intriguing blend of synth and orchestral pop...


Jess Abbott of Tancred and Now, Now talks about gear and the creative process


The solo project of Minneapolis singer/guitarist Jess Abbott of Now Now, Tancred plays riff driven power pop that will intrigue fans of Weezer and We Are Scientists. Her songs follow paths more unpredictable than your average pop rock band,...


Lavachild and her Synths

11064610_393846034130771_6807267733939764215_n[1] LAVACHILD is a NYC based synth pop project fronted by (very fashionable) singer songwriter/keyboardist Chantel De Lava, whose hypnotic presence charmed us at our 2015 B.E.A.F. fest. Their older single "Want U To" went viral on the internet, and since then...


SOFI TUKKER’s synths and creative process

13394159_1287745147919610_2495632602011711701_n[1] If pop is sugar and the rest of us are flies, it's safe to say that EDM has drunk the Kool-Aid. Alas, NYC duo SOFI TUKKER — née singer/guitarist Sophie Hawley-Weld and programmer Tucker Halpern — go unabashedly towards the infectious. With...


Caveman’s gear: EarthQuaker Devices (and Carbonetti Guitars)


Belonging to the rare category of "bands that keep getting better all the time," Brooklyn's dream rock quintet Caveman just released their third full length album 'Otero War' (our sister magazine, The Deli, featured them on the

Olga Bell’s synths and creative process

olg-a-bell Born in Moscow and raised in Alaska, Olga Bell is a classically trained pianist, composer, producer and performer based in Brooklyn. Unafraid of venturing into unfamiliar sonic territories, her musical career could be interpreted as an effort to defy cliche'. That's how her latest...


B Boys talk about guitar pedals

tumblr_nwzszk8dmU1uvy0vao4_540[1] Brooklyn B Boys came seemingly out of nowhere in March 20162 with debut record 'No Worry No Mind' (on cult local label Captured Tracks). The album caught immediately a lot of attention (certainly ours) also thanks to the promotion the band received...


Q&A with Kristin Kontrol (ex Dum Dum Girls) about embracing synths

Kristin Kontrol Changes are often friends of inspiration: new experiences, new instruments, new influences, new collaborations, or even just a new approach, are all things that have the power to unleash renewed curiosity and creativity. The story of Kristin Kontrol's debut record X-Communicate can...


Jessie Clavin of Bleached: favorite stompboxes

bleached Our first thought when we heard "Wednesday Night Melody" - the new single by Los Angeles power pop trio Bleached - was: "This song should be on Rock Band!" - which, if you think about it for a minute or two - is...


Beverly: inspiration and gear behind ‘The Blue Swell’

10846060_857771650910292_4162175220121950269_n[1] Let it be said that Beverly's Drew Citron is no shrinking violet. Sure, she lost co-conspirator Frankie Rose soon after the band’s stellar debut album, but Drew pressed on and the new album 'The Blue Swell' marks a clear improvement in...


A stompbox inspired delirium: The Stargazer Lillies

JohnCep-Pedals Listening to the brand new album 'Door to the Sun' by PA via New York trio The Stargazer Lillies is an experience comparable to getting lost in the fog. The fog, in this circumstance, is of the aural kind, and created by an...

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