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Featured Artists

Holy Ghost!’s Synths, Gear and Creative Process

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Active since the beginning of the decade, NYC born and bred synth pop duo Holy Ghost has been able not only to remain relevant in an ever changing musical scene, but also to deliver new memorable singles with every...


Teenage Love’s Gear and Creative Process

You shouldn't let go of an ideal band mate: Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell found each other, and not even an ocean in between is slowing down their collaboration, that goes under the name of Teenage Love: the...


EZTV Ezra Tenenbaum’s pedalboard (or lack of thereof)

10906056_757800127636060_4373171122646718502_n[1] Ezra Tenenbaum used to write about guitar pedals for this very blog. We were pleasantly surprised to see his new band EZTV signed with super buzzworthy Brooklyn label Captured Tracks (home to notable artist such as Mac...


The Life Electric’s Gear and Creative Process

10299153_665756773471611_2790365223140037998_n[1]Active since 2011, Boston's The Life Electric play rather aggressive but always melodic rock'n'roll, with psych and disco influences. Their personal guitar sound is crafted through carefully chosen...


Bowmont’s Gear, Synths and Creative Process

Bowmont is a Brooklyn based trio that's been delivering beautifully textural and atmospheric synth-pop since the beginning of the decade. It has the luck of having a GRAMMY award winning engineer among its ranks (Jeremy Loucas), who also happens to be obsessed with synths. The...


Ava Luna’s Gear and Creative Process


Active since the late aughts, indie collective Ava Luna precipitated NYC's soul revival of the 2010s. From that hub of DIY creativity that is Bushwick's Silent Barn, the band's fourth LP, Infinite House, continues their homage to variety...


WIN WIN’s Gear and Creative Process


Producers are pretty much the chefs of the creative process, so it's hard to conceive how a band like NYC's WIN WIN - comprised of three electronic producers - can actually function without major recurrent conflicts of ego. The secret is...


And So I Watch You From Afar’s Gear and Creative Process


The guys in Irish "post-math" band And So I Watch You From Afar are the kind of people who never choose the simple route. Bblending metal, psychedelia, post rock and prog rock, their music is like a...


Turbo Fruits’ Gear and Creative Process

Turbo Fruit's new album 'No Control' sees the Nashville quartet tackle more "adult" themes like relationships, break-ups and losses, conveying a full range of not-so-fun emotion without ever giving up their signature, punchy rock'n'roll sound. While on tour with...


Buscabulla’s gear and creative process

With their sophisticated, bi-lingual synthpop, full of texture and pretty melodies, Puerto Rican duo Buscabulla - now Brooklyn residents - conquered The Deli NYC's staff, who declared their debut EP "Kitsune`" NYC Record of the Month in...


Elliot Moss: the gear and the creative process

For some songwriters, writing good songs is simply not satisfying enough - and besides, that's not how their creative process works. These musicians feels compelled to wrap those songs in complex arrangements and original sounds, and sometimes arrangement...


Future Punx and the creative process

Finding inspiration in the dancy, angular post-punk of bands like Devo, the early Stranglers, and even Blondie, Brooklyn's Future Punx have delivered with "I'm So Inspired" (recent Deli NYC Record of the Month) one of...


Howard: Q&A about gear and inspiration

Howard is a Brooklyn band that plays an atmospheric brand of melodic post-rock (although the band on their Facebook page refers to it as "Folktronica"), where gentle textural experiments, synths, samples, varying percussive elements and electric...