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JHS ventures into 500 Series studio rack format

colourbox-500-side-view-web-11 This just came in from JHS's Youtube Channel. The 500 Series is a studio format that has the advantage of allowing more voltage (i.e. more headroom) and also more space for knobs. The JHS team adapted several of their signature pedals into this new format, including the ever popular

Build your own spring reverb with Mod Kits DIY’s The Wave

mod103[1]Those of you who like to challenge themselves with DIY projects in the realm of electric engineering applied to music, should take a look at MODKits DIY's authentic spring tube reverb design called The Wave. For the the young and unaware, spring reverbs are an electromechanical reverb...


Corbu’s Synths and Live Setup


Heavily inspired by a life of vivid dreaming, Brooklyn's Corbu take the concept of "Dream Pop" to the extreme, by expressing their interpreted realities of the 'sleep-world' through their music . The band just released single 'Polygon Forest' off of their soon to...


Build a DIY guitar amp with DIY Mod Kit’s MOD 102+

k-mod102_closeupleft[1] Many guitarists are familiar with MOD Kits DIY for their pedal kits, which allow stompbox geeks to build their first effects following the provided instructions, and at once learn about simple electrical engineering concepts applied to pedals. What they may not know, though, is that...


EHX releases Clockworks Reissue

Since most of us around here at Delicious Audio are guitar players, we tend to focus mostly on axe stomp boxes, but this week Electro Harmonix came out with some news that will raise the eyebrows of electronic drum and synth gurus as well...


New Pedal Manufacturer: Infanem (Instruments for a New Electric Music)

Effects pedal lovers take notice: Infanem (short for Instruments for a New Electric Music) is churning out cool pedals. Originally founded in glorious Portland Oregon, operations have now been moved to Oakland California, where the current product line up is comprised...


The Descent by Walrus Audio now shipping

We got word from our friends at Walrus Audio that the Descent is... descending on us! (This is a pedal that in all likelihood you'll be able to check it out at our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit).


Guitar Pedal News: ZVex Fuzz Factory Reborn!

Hey remember that time when ZVex bestowed upon the Earth the Fuzz Factory? Well prepare to throw that memory in the trash while you make room for the Fuzz Factory 7. This new version is packed with new features that are sure...


New Pedals: Sonuus Voluum

In the midst of the constant battle for precious pedalboard space and control over more and more parameters, Sonuus releases their new multi-function Voluum pedal.


Pedal News: Changes in store for Caroline Kilobyte

Caroline Guitar Company is announcing a few changes to their popular Kilobyte delay pedal. The most notable of which is the introduction of an external trimpot  for the modulation effect of the unit. Some boutique pedal purists may...


Pedal News: TC Electronics’ Mini Pedals

TC Electronics has announced the release of 4 miniaturized versions of their much beloved TonePrint line of  pedals. For the readers not in the know, TC Electronics TonePrint technology lets you wirelessly upload custom pedal settings, designed...


Death Dealer V from Arcane Analog

A simple upgrade can make all the difference. Small NJ custom pedal manufacturer Arcane Analog's Death Dealer V (a fuzz, center in the picture) has an added Master Volume knob and Voltage Inverter. Same tone, but more control....

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