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Guitar Pedal Reviews

New Pedals: Old Blood Noise’s Procession Reverb

00054-Procession-White-1000x1500[1] Old Blood Noise is an up-and-coming guitar pedal manufacturer with some really interesting design ideas - come check it out at our Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit if you plan to be in Nashville on July 9-11. Their take on reverb, aptly titled the ‘Procession’...


NashPedals presents two new pedals at the SNAMM Stompbox Exhibit

IMG_2729[1] New stompbox manufacturer NashPedals has a bit of a dual namesake as it was founded by Nash Probst in early 2011 and it also happens to be based in Nashville. Nash began in the early days by focusing mostly on true bypass loopers, other routing...


New Pedals: Black Cat N-Fuzz

Jun15_Blackcat_nfuzz_WEB[1] Our friends at Black Cat Pedals just released a new fuzz stompbox called N-Fuzz based on an N-Channel transistor (hence the name). This box is based on the Fuzz channel of the OD-Fuzz, but with Japanese components and an extra wide ranging Bias control...


New Pedals: DLS Effects’ Rotospin

DLS-RotoSPIN-str[1] DLS Effects is offering the guitar world a new 'spin' on a classic and timeless guitar effect – the rotary speaker effect. Long used paired only with a Hammond organ, early guitar players and recording engineers discovered that the rotary effect sounds ridiculously good when used...


New Pedals: Red Panda Raster

stacks_image_614[1]It’s not really fair to classify the new Red Panda Raster Delay as just a delay pedal. The Raster is actually more of a Leatherman type multi-tool effect, as it not only has all your standard digital delay needs covered (up to 750 ms and...


Skreddy Pedals’ take on the Tone Bender: the Kusanagi Fuzz


The Tone Bender is one of the most legendary effects in guitar history, and for good reason. The signature fuzz sound it produced inspired a generation of burgeoning rock guitarists. It was a notoriously fickle design though, using rare components and positive ground...


New Pedals: Big Knob’s Wah Fix

Jun15_LNU_WahFixModel_FEAT[1]Big Knob Pedals, out of Studio City, CA (interesting name!), recently introduced the Wah Fix filter pedal, a stompbox that allows guitarists to lock into the sweet spot of the frequency sweep of a wah pedal - a trick Frank Zappa, among others, used...


New Pedals: Matthews Effects Conductor Tremolo

conductor-1[1]Eastern Washington based manufacturer Matthews Effects has created a new spin on one of the most popular effect in music history: the tremolo. The controls for the Conductor are where the pedal really shines with its unique versatility. The depth knob, capable of quite...


Eventide H9 giveaway ends on 06.10!

h9 Our friends at NYC's own Eventide just sent us a review unit of their multi-effects studio-worthy processor, hidden in a stompbox form: the H9 Harmonizer Effects Processor (one of them is also up for grabs until Wednesday here by the way). We will...


New Pedals: Chellee’s Odie Classic Overdrive

OdieClassic1[1]Chellee Guitars, out of Orange City, Florida has conceived a new take on a classic overdrive design and packaged it into a solid and affordable guitar pedal. The Odie Classic Overdrive offers the articulation and compression of the great vintage overdrives with more options...


New Pedals: J. Rockett Boing Spring Reverb

boing-product[1] If you belong to the category of guitarists who get lost when presented with too many options, J Rockett Audio Designs, out of Nashville, is your friend: the manufacturer's latest pedal, the BOING Spring Reverb, features ONE footswitch (On/Off) and ONE knob (Mix) -...


Hotone’s striking product line: Skyline mini-pedals, Nano Legacy Mini-Amps and Xtomp


We were recently introduced to Hotone, the winners of "Best in Show" at NAMM 2015. Reminding me much of the now-discontinued Guyatone mini series (I still treasure my lil' green compressor!) Hotone's Skyline pedal series is a great collection of tiny pedals...

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