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Compressor Review: Origin Effects Cali76-CD by Gearphoria

Origin Effects Cali 76

A good compressor isn’t a one tone pony, it’s a sonic tool that allows for specific shaping of audio hills and valleys creating something more alive and immediate. A great compressor does all of these things, and still allows your amp’s natural sound to sing...


New Pedals: Greer Super Hornet Fuzz/Octaver with a twist

ea9aaf1aa848ba84f45a2d4fa7bec613_1024x1024[1] Popularized by such 6 string pioneers as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards the octave fuzz effect has attained somewhat legendary status in the rock music lexicon. Greer Amplification has been producing high quality analog guitar pedals for some time, and their newest offering is a fresh...


Seminal, vintage fuzz pedals: the WEM-Rush Pepbox – by Gearphoria

pepbox SOMEBODY once said that if you remember the ‘60s you weren’t really there, and this is clearly a problem if you have an interest in effects pedal history. The WEM-Rush Pepbox was, until recently, one of the great mysteries of UK fuzz, an area which is notoriously, um, fuzzy...


Featured Pedal: Dr. No Octofuzz

Octofuzz-large[1] One of the premier effects from the mad minds at Dr. No Effects - a Dutch company with a firm “all analog” design principle, dedicated to bringing an old school sound to the modern age - comes in the form of the Octofuzz. As you may have guessed,...


Weird Fuzz Pedals: amukaT Gadgets’ Tweaker V.2

amukaT%20Gadgets%20Tweaker%20Ver2[1] For NYC's amukaT Gadgets’ latest stompbox, the name says it all: Tweaker. This is a revamp of the original Tweaker that came out two years ago, now with sturdier metal footswitches (you’ll understand why momentarily), a horizontal layout, and a redesign of the circuit....


Seminal, vintage pedals: the Seamoon Fresh Fuzz – by Gearphoria

fresh-fuzz It’s 1973 in Berkeley, California, and a young electrical wizard named Craig Anderton has just developed his take on the envelope filter. He calls it the “Funk Machine”, and together with John Lang, starts an innovative and experimental guitar effects brand, Seamoon Inc. Hand-building each individual unit,...


AJ Peat Pedals’ Screaming Flamingo and Dirty Buzzard

12294792_454398514750223_2913904229537690380_n[1] Orange County boutique manufacturer AJ Peat, owned and founded by Luthier and self-described tinkerer Andrew James Peat, builds guitars, effect pedals and other signature audio devices. At the 2016 Summer NAMM show in Nashville his pedals were on display in the Cusack/Mojo Hand booth. This was...


VFE Pedals about to relaunch! – from

vfe Peter Rutter of VFE Pedals is going back to teaching full time in the fall, and while he doesn’t want to walk away from all he has built with the pedal company, he knows he cannot keep it in its current form. So he is blowing...


Build your own spring reverb with Mod Kits DIY’s The Wave

mod103[1]Those of you who like to challenge themselves with DIY projects in the realm of electric engineering applied to music, should take a look at MODKits DIY's authentic spring tube reverb design called The Wave. For the the young and unaware, spring reverbs are an electromechanical reverb...


Hammond’s Leslie pedals for guitarists and keyboardists

leslie2Most music lovers know what a Hammond organ is and are aware that Leslie is a rotary effect traditionally applied to that instrument. We knew that much when, last week, we approached the Hammond booth at Summer NAMM 2016, inquiring about three stompboxes featuring the name "Leslie" on them....


Outlaw FX introduces four new pedals at SNAMM ’16, including Lasso Looper

oullaw[1] Outlaw Effects just announced the introduction of four new pedals - and hey! The company will be part of our Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit 2016, so visitors will be able to try these pedals in our booth (#1342)! Three of these products are "utility boxes": the Kerosene is a...


SNAMM 2016 Stompbox Exhibit: Amptweaker introduces the FatMetal Pro

Amptweaker_FatMetal_Pro_Distortion_2[1]Amptweaker’s James Brown - whose self-described specialty is not necessarily in the wild ideas but rather in the tweaking of ideas - is becoming one of the most nuanced pedal manufacturers for high gain distortion and we are proud to have him at our Summer NAMM booth...

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