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Chase Bliss Audio unveils the Tonal Recall at NAMM

chase-bliss_52990_1[1] For the uninitiated, Chase Bliss Audio is what our friends at The Deli Mag would call a manufacturer "with buzz." Started by Joel Korte in 2013, the company's first products were born from an intense period of inspiration, which allowed the pedal designer to quickly develop a name...


New Pedals: Looking Glass Overdrive – a DOD and SHOE Pedals collaboration

Looking-Glass-Top_large[1] Here at Delicious Audio we really, really dig this new trend in the pedal world consisting in bigger manufacturers commissioning pedals to talented boutique stompbox designers. After releasing the Black Arts Toneworks-enginnered DOD Boneshaker at NAMM 2015, at this year's edition of the Anaheim convention, DigiTech unveiled...


New Pedals at NAMM: Malekko Sneak Attack Compressor with Tap Tempo

sneakattack Another very cool new pedal that was announced at NAMM ’16 is the Malekko Sneak Attack. A unique take on compression, at its core the Sneak Attack is a very warm-sounding VCA analog compressor that can be used in some inspiring ways, not just...


New pedals seen at NAMM: Neunaber IMMERSE Reverberator

Immerse_150ppi_1024x1024[1] Relative newcomers to the guitar pedal manufacturing world, Neunaber Audio Effects out of Santa Ana, CA has already built a reputation for innovative stompbox digital designs. At NAMM 2016 they have introduced a very interesting stereo reverb stompbox design called the Immerse Reverberator. ...


Ibanez launches three new Mini pedals at NAMM

Ibanez-mini-pedals[1] Ibanez debuted a lot of cool stuff at Namm 2016 this past weekend. In the pedal department, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled what can now be called a Mini series of compact stompboxes. The Mini Tubescreamer has been on the market for a while now, and the company...


New Pedals at NAMM: Empress Reverb


Another pedal garnering attention at this year’s NAMM conference is the Empress Reverb. This new verb is stacked with tweakable features including some standard ones AND bizarre ones like “beer”, “sparkle”, and “ghost”. The combinations are nearly endless as there are four settings for...


EQD announces 8 new pedals at NAMM

eqd-namm Anyone heading to NAMM this year should make a point to swing by the Earthquaker Devices booth to see what the perennial Delicious Audio favorites have ramped up special for the show. With EIGHT new pedals on the docket, they effectively have a whole...


New Pedals: TC Hyper Gravity Compressor

10518033_800[1] The latest addition to TC Electronic's Toneprint line of pedals is the Hyper Gravity Compressor, a very versatile compression circuit in a compact stompbox footprint. Perhaps one of the coolest features of this unit is the 'multi-band' function, a type of compression generally...


Electro Harmonix synth pedals Super Space Drum and Crash Pad

drum-synths-family[1] We all know Electro Harmonix for their popular (and growing at breakneck speed) line of guitar pedals, but the Queens, NY based manufacturer has long been flirting with synthesizers too - we had the chance to toy around with one of their old Minisynthesizer at our...


New Pedals: Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro and Filter Pro

unnamed (5)Pigtronix has been at the forefront of innovative guitar pedal design for quite some time, and even though the New York based company in recent years has been shifting a lot of attention and resources to their freshly acquired amp line Supro,  we are...


New Pedals: Chuck Pedals Blue Dream

IMG_20150121_145017[1] As a big fan of reverb effects, I love to see what different stompbox manufacturers are coming up with, and even though I really appreciate "deep" pedals with lots of options for what they can offer, I'm often blown away by simple devices that do just...


New Pedals: F-Pedals RobotHolic Distortion/Lo-Fi

robot If you belong to the category of guitarists who enjoy stompboxes that have the potential to inspire with their versatility and uniqueness, you should take a look at F-Pedals' RobotHolic. This is an interesting pedal that - quite surprisingly - manages to pack the following...

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