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Guitar Pedal Reviews

Tone Mob Model 001 Fuzz Generator (demo)

tonemob2_1024x10241 Some stories tell themselves, here's the one of the Model 001 FuzzGenerator from the SonicGoldFX and Tone Mob websites (the pedal is the result of a collaboration between the two manufacturers):
So, a while back we released the original Model 001. It sold out head spinningly...


New Pedals: Supro Tremolo

j46377000000000-00-500x5001 Owned by Pigtronix, Supro is mostly known for amazing sounding amps, but it also has a newish line of pedals with interesting characteristics. Their Tremolo has the rather unique quality of recreating the sound of an amp inside the pedal, therefore delivering a tremolo effect with the harmonic...


Pedal Demos: Matthews Effects – The Cartographer Parametric Overdrive

We are fans of The Living Room's YouTube demos, check out their latest of the Matthews Effects' pedal The Cartographer!


Tech 21 unveils Fly Rig Brit and Fly Rig Cali at LA Stompbox Exhibit

fly-rig In 2014 NYC's own stompbox manufacturer Tech 21 (pioneer in the amp emulation technology with the legendary SansAmp line) introduced a unique product called the Fly Rig 5. It included some of the company’s most beloved effects (SansAmp included) in a single housing, with a simple goal...


Keeley Electronics – Loomer • Mag Echo • Tone Workstation

Directly from the Keeley FX YouTube Channel, check it out! "Spent a little time with the Tone Workstation, Mag Echo, and Loomer yesterday, and the results were inspiring. We love how the Loomer's Soft Focus reverb plays with the Mag's warm delay.


New Pedals: Strymon’s Riverside Multistage Drive

riverside_details_labels-927x10241 Strymon, a company that built its name on clean, warm and lush tones, has finally entered the "dirty" pedal distortion market with Riverside, described as "the culmination of a thorough analysis of numerous analog and vacuum tube circuits." The company's goal was to deliver a new world...


Win an Ibanez OD850 Overdrive and a Mojo Hand One Ton Bee Fuzz

la-giveaway FX freaks, To loudly celebrate our first Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit (hosted at the Hollywood Sam Ash Music store), we are giving away two super-cool gain pedals with a vintage vibe to them!


A new synth pedal: DigiTech Dirty Robot!

preview1 One of the guitar world’s leading innovators of unique effects has done it again. The DigiTech Dirty Robot is a little bit synthesizer, a little bit pitch shifter, and a lot of fun.


New FX Manufacturer: Friday Club Pedals

ed-450b-new-front_grande1 Newcomers to the pedal game Friday Club, out of Portland Oregon, have designed a solid line of 3 knob stompboxes. The line features almost exclusively distortions, fuzzes and overdrives: there one for all palates, including metal-heads (PD-100) and a screamer emulation (Green Menace). The only exception is...


New Pedals: Nunomo Limbo Overdrive

dsc_5848m_1024x10241 Newcomers to the pedal game Nunomo are offering an innovative take on overdrive with the Limbo Overdrive. The coolest feature of this pedal is the ability to tailor the clipping voltage, which enables a very wide range of overdrive sounds.


Elektron enters the guitar pedal world with the Analog Drive!

bb-25-580x5581 Well, this was kind of unexpected: Our upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo will serve as a launch platform for a... stompbox! The pedal, manufactured by Swedish synth maker Elektron, is called Analog Drive, and it seems to borrow, at least in part, from the distortion stage of the company's "audio enhancer/destroyer"

Synths at the Brooklyn Synth Expo [Deli Mag Kitchen Section]

synths Our sister publication The Deli had a special about the synths appearing at the Brooklyn Synth Expo 2016, check it out here!

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