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Guitar Pedal Reviews

Empress’ new reverb: “Reverb!”

Reverb_-_Top_a1cacb20-2df4-489a-a97b-8a4da4c88a18[1] At our recent Toronto Stompbox Exhibit we had the chance to check out Canadian manufacturer Empress' new reverb pedal (shipping on May 31st!) appropriately called "Reverb." Like its line predecessor SuperDelay, this effect seems to insert itself (both in size and concept) somewhere  between a regular "few knobs" stompbox and...


New Pedals: TC Electronic Sub’n’Up Octaver


One of Danish manufacturer TC Electronic’s newest additions to their Toneprint pedal series is the Sub'n'up, an octave pedal that combines some of the best features of various octave pedals into one unit. This is a rather simple but great sounding stompbox that...


BOSS board at the Toronto Stompbox Exhibit

BOSS board At our first Toronto Stompbox Exhibit on May 9-10, BOSS showcased a small selection of their pedals, including the Waza Craft line, their new "pedalboard tuner" TU-3s (i.e. a more compact version of their TU-3 without foot switch), and the Vocoder VO-1, which is...


Whateverb is a new reverb pedal from Adventure Audio

Whateverb-Product-Shot-For-Web_large[1] Creative (musical) minds like creative tools with creative names, and the brand new Adventure Audio Whateverb pedal checks both boxes - with flair! We were among the first ones to see in person this stompbox at our recent Toronto Stompbox Exhibit, and we were impressed with its clever design and...


New Pedals: Seymour Duncan’s Forza Overdrive

1_8d5c6b73-737c-4a32-98bd-b06b78eb6cef[1] In what seems to be becoming a popular trend for pedal manufacturers recently, Seymour Duncan has teamed up for an exclusive release with Chicago Music Exchange for a limited run pedal in their new Forza Overdrive. Unlike a lot of newer drives, this pedal aims...


New Pedals: Walrus Audio’s Luminary

WA_Luminary_Placekeeper_web_1024x1024[1] At our first Toronto Stompbox Exhibit we had the chance to play with Walrus Audio's Luminary, and we were rather impressed. It's definitely one of the most versatile octavers around, with its four octave generator that allows for a wide variety of tones, ranging from pipe organ...


New Pedals: Lovepedal’s Purple Plexi

PP2016PAGE[1]The Marshall Plexi is one of the most beloved and iconic amplifiers of all times, and while many manufacturers have tried to harness this Marshall monster in a compact stompbox format, few have been able to successfully pull off the character that give it that magical quality....


Pedalboards at the Toronto Stompbox Exhibit 2016

WIN_20160508_165848 Here are all the boards participating in the first Toronto Stompbox Exhibit hosted by Moog Audio!


New Pedals: Hungry Robot’s The Wash

maxresdefault[1] Iowa based Hungry Robot Pedals has been active since 2012, with owner Eric Laverne Junge slowly refining its rigorously hand made stompboxes, and gradually shifting  his attention from effects belonging to the gain realm to more sophisticated and experimental ones dealing with ambiance.


Featured Pedal: Big Tone Brewery’s Maggie Tremolo/Vibrato

Keith Vonderhulls, the mind behind the beloved Build Your Own Clone idea, has launched another guitar pedal-related company called Big Tone Brewery.  One of their best designs comes in the form of a stereo vibrato – dubbed the Maggie. Designed as an emulation of the legendary Fender...


New Pedals: Fuzzrocious’ Feed Me EQ/Preamp/Tone Shaper

'feedme_site_mar2016[1] If you think three years of age is too young to work in the family business, Ryan Ratajski of Fuzzrocious Pedals begs to differ. Together with his wife, painter Shannon, he's been designing stompboxes since 2008, letting Kaeden (6) and Raeven (3) paint the “kidpainted” pedals, which...


New Pedals: Joe Gore’s Cult Germanium Channel Boost

CGS_crop[1] Accomplished guitarist and National Music Journalism Award winner Joe Gore has designed a line of pedals available via Vintage King, offering his take on a series of gain related circuits ranging from classic to quirky.

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