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Guitar Pedal Reviews

New Pedals: L0/Rez’s Mona Lisa


We are always excited when we find out about a new pedal manufacturer based in our hometown, NYC - there aren't many! Enter L0/rez,  a north Brooklyn based company owned by engineer/designer Jared Hiller, that just introduced it second creation, the Mona Lisa Overdrive &...


New Pedals: EQD’s Tentacle Octave Up

big_TentacleShopCart[1] Ohio's Earthquaker Devices has emerged in the last few years as one of the companies truly pushing the boundaries of the stompbox. They continue to come up with fresh ideas and innovations in the community of guitar FX manufacturers, and even though they normally don't...


New Pedals: MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive

EVH5150Overdrive-11[1] The 5150 amplifier, originally designed by Peavey, is well-known in the guitar and audio worlds as one of the best-sounding amps around, capable of delivering a very wide range of tones. MXR/Dunlop and guitar god Eddie Van Halen have had a successful partnership...


New Pedals: WychElm Effects’ Dharma Drive

dharma-drive Working in your own studio with other artists can lead to great gear discoveries. I was turned onto  the Dharma Drive from WychElm Effects by a band I was engineering due to its unique graphics, and stumbled on one of the best drive pedals...


JHS’ Muffaletta packs 6 Big Muff tones in one

JHS-Pedals-Muffuletta-0003[1] One of the oldest and most beloved guitar pedals of all time is the Big Muff, a fuzz pedal introduced by Electro-Harmonix decades ago. This revered stompbox has certainly stood the test of time, and has seen a number of variations on the original design. If you love...


New Pedals: EHX K9 Electric Piano Machine

ehx_key9[1] Venerable New York City pedal manufacturer Electro-Harmonix takes their third foray into the world of keyboard simulation pedals with the release of the Key9. Similar in concept to the previous B9 and C9 offerings, this stompbox offers 9 presets emulating some of the most...


New Pedals: SFG Music Supply’s Howlerr

British Columbia's SFG Music Supply may be new to the boutique effect pedal scene, but their debut stompbox is a unique and great-sounding overdrive – the Howlerr. A unit with versatile application, the Howlerr boasts a design based around a solitary transistor...


New Pedals: MBS Effects Parallel Universe Routing + Mixer pedal

yvh9ft9f9qbm1sv2uhsz[1] From MBS Effects out of Buenos Aires, Argentina comes a truly innovative design - the Parallel Universe.  This unique pedal provides a variety of signal routing and blending options, offering rig routing choices that before might have only been daydreams. At its core, it is...


New Pedals: Greer Amps Black Tiger Delay Device

GREER_BLACKTIGER_1024x1024[1] With the exception of their tremolo, Athens, Georgia's Greer Amps has been focusing on producing great sounding distortion pedals. They recently announced their first delay pedal – the Black Tiger Delay Device, which marries analog and digital, and prides itself of its smooth and very natural decay. It is...


Boutique Pedal Manufacturers: TomKat Pedals

bender[1] There aren't many pedal manufacturers in Brooklyn (the cost of housing certainly doesn't  attract small businesses), but at our recent Stompbox Exhibit we had the chance to familiarize with a really interesting boutique one, called Tomkat Pedals. The company seems dedicated to rei-imagining classic fuzz circuits...


Featured Pedal: Vick Audio R-Comp

R%20Comp%20Angled%20Web-500x500[1] Many legendary pedals were created under the Ross brand, and their designs are still relevant and beloved by both gearheads and studio guys alike. One of their most famous was a compressor, simply called the “R-Comp,” which Gilbert, Arizona's...


New Pedals: Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb

Ambience-Front_1024x1024[1] Mr. Black, out of the great northwest, has been designing cutting-edge guitar pedals for a while now. Their latest innovation comes in the form of the Ambience Echoverb, born from the perfect marriage of a multi-tap delay and reverb. The Ambience falls somewhere between...

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