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Guitar Pedal Reviews

New Pedal: Escape Plan Pedals Science Friction Delay

science-friction_1024x1024[1]A unique pairing of not-so-complimentary effects, the Science Friction delay from Escape Plan Pedals marries delay and overdrive into a creative combination design. The control scheme is an array of six simple knobs, making it easy to use and extremely fun to experiment with. ‘Space’ controls the time...


First The Deli/Gearphoria collaborative issue is online

deli-gearphoria Pedalivorous humans, For our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit we wanted to have an issue of The Deli even more special than usual. That's why we asked our friends at Gearphoria (who are obsessed with gear, as you maybe have gathered) to help us out with some pedal...


New Pedal: Two Notes’ Le Clean

two-notes-le-clean-1_OnAkHR[1] Stompboxes that approximate the sounds of classic amplifiers have been all the rage recently, with companies innovating products that get closer and closer each time. Perhaps one of the most thorough models comes from a French company called Two Notes in the form of the Le...


Ernie Ball debuts Expression Overdrive and Ambient Delay at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit

Ernie-Ball-Expression-Pedals-620x187[1] In a pair of ingenious new stompbox offerings (to be presented at our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!) , Ernie Ball is entering the world of guitar effects in its own terms with the first two products of the "Expression Pedal" series, which take the wah/volume pedal chassis concept...


The WrightSounds Fuzz-Stang comes to Brooklyn

Hi-res-Fuzz-Stang-Mk-II[1]The '70s were prime-time for deliciously dirty fuzz tones, and the Sam Ash Fuzz-Stainer - a pedal that harkens back to a time when the music retail giant was cranking out their own brand of effects - delivered delirious levels of fuzzy goodness. For most pedal connoisseurs...


Dandy Job’s Whipple Wah at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit

whipple-wah-pedal-1 If simple is beautiful, then it's the perfect way to brand Dandy Job: a no-fuss little company churning out beautiful pedals. With a pledge of being hellbent on helping folks hunt down their own tone, Dandy Job is the perfect fit for purist players not looking to weigh down their...


New Pedals: JHS Crayon

JHS-Crayon-top[1] JHS Pedals had a slam dunk with their innovative Colour Box, which models the highly sought-after sound of a vintage Neve preamp - hey, that's what The Beatles used for the solo in 'Revolution 1'! The company now offers the classic distortion aspect of that...


New Pedals: Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl Mk II

wv_pagemain[1] There's a fine line between "old" and "vintage," and that subtle quality called "character" is what stands between the two. Many music lovers today enjoy the sonic imperfections of vinyl records, and while several examples of vinyl emulation plug ins for recording have been around for decades,...


Featured Pedals: Dr. Scientist’s BitQuest

BITQUEST_1__34121.1431461571.1280.1280[1] Are you old enough to remember the amazing old Sierra video game series from the late '80s and early '90s that included the classics like Kings Quest, Hero’s Quest, Space Quest, and Police Quest? Well, the Canadian husband and wife duo, Ryan and Tanya Clarke, of

Compressor Review: Origin Effects Cali76-CD by Gearphoria

Origin Effects Cali 76

A good compressor isn’t a one tone pony, it’s a sonic tool that allows for specific shaping of audio hills and valleys creating something more alive and immediate. A great compressor does all of these things, and still allows your amp’s natural sound to sing...


New Pedals: Greer Super Hornet Fuzz/Octaver with a twist

ea9aaf1aa848ba84f45a2d4fa7bec613_1024x1024[1] Popularized by such 6 string pioneers as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards the octave fuzz effect has attained somewhat legendary status in the rock music lexicon. Greer Amplification has been producing high quality analog guitar pedals for some time, and their newest offering is a fresh...


Seminal, vintage fuzz pedals: the WEM-Rush Pepbox – by Gearphoria

pepbox SOMEBODY once said that if you remember the ‘60s you weren’t really there, and this is clearly a problem if you have an interest in effects pedal history. The WEM-Rush Pepbox was, until recently, one of the great mysteries of UK fuzz, an area which is notoriously, um, fuzzy...

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