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Guitar Pedal Reviews

New Pedals: J. Rockett Boing Spring Reverb

boing-product[1] If you belong to the category of guitarists who get lost when presented with too many options, J Rockett Audio Designs, out of Nashville, is your friend: the manufacturer's latest pedal, the BOING Spring Reverb, features ONE footswitch (On/Off) and ONE knob (Mix) -...


Hotone’s striking product line: Skyline mini-pedals, Nano Legacy Mini-Amps and Xtomp


We were recently introduced to Hotone, the winners of "Best in Show" at NAMM 2015. Reminding me much of the now-discontinued Guyatone mini series (I still treasure my lil' green compressor!) Hotone's Skyline pedal series is a great collection of tiny pedals...


Rocktron Hush 2X dual noise suppressor

R0011904XThe Rocktron company has long been one of the top designer of noise-suppression circuits, and for a good reason! They're products are super quiet, don't suck tone, and - plainly and simply - work! Building upon their already venerable legacy, Rocktron is now re-introducing a previous...


Greer Ghetto Stomp – a great overdrive pedal

What's so great about another 3-knob overdrive? In an industry saturated with overdrive pedals, Greer makes an interesting offering with the Ghetto Stomp. This stompbox is designed to emulate the heavenly harmonics and sweet saturation of Tweeds and Valcos amps pushed into overdrive.


Matthews Effects’ Conductor and Cartographer

In an industry overflowing with boutique pedal manufacturers, Matthews Effects has delivered two very interesting products with with their Conductor Tremolo and Cartographer parametric overdrive pedal. The Cartographer is capable of delivering everything one could want in an overdrive pedal – clean...


New Pedal makers: McCaffrey Audio

Wisconsin' s McCaffrey Audio may sound like a new name in the world of guitar pedals, but the company's CEO and founder Ryan McCaffrey is not a novice to the manufacturing game, having been running RJM Effect before starting this new adventure in 2014. The...


New Pedals: DOD Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion

Newly-revived brand DOD (owned by Harman's DigiTech) has announced a versatile new overdrive/distortion pedal, appropriately named the Gunslinger. Utilizing a MOSFET circuit, the Gunslinger is capable of providing a very wide range of overdriven tones from light grit to full saturation. Given the...


For Whammy fans: Molten Voltage G-Quencer

Here’s an innovative niche pedal for fans of the DigiTech Whammy courtesy of Molten Voltage, an Oregon based manufacturer of guitar effects with a specialization in MIDI controls, displays and interfaces with other pedals.


New Pedals: Digitech Obscura Altered Delay

The concept of what a delay is capable of has been turned on its head with the release of the Digitech Obscura Altered Delay. The Obscura allows for standard delay, but that's only the beginning. You can literally twist, turn, chew, and spit out...


New Pedals: F-Pedals’ Edstortion and Phazevibe

Italian manufacturer (with a base in LA) F-pedals is a brand new company that is a bit of an enigma, yet has some very interesting endeavors underway. At the moment, they sell just two micro pedals (the Edstortion and the Phazevibe) and a line...


EQD introduces the Levitation Reverb

It's official: pedal manufacturers are getting creative about their new releases: EarthQuaker Devices might have had a great idea in this regard - one that, considering our sister site The Deli's obsession with musical genres - we fully support. EQD just announced the release...


Fuzz + Reverb in one pedal: Keeley’s Sojourner

Edmond, Oklahoma manufacturer Keeley just announced the release of the Sojourner Fuzz/Reverb, a pedal that will surely tickle the curiosity of guitarists into psych rock and shoegaze, genres that make heavy use of both effects, normally in the same pedal chain.

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