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Akai IPK-25: iPhone controlled synth

We somehow missed this exciting Akai product at NAMM. The Akai IPK-25 is a tiny $99 keyboard that plugs into your iPhone and let’s you control the synth’s tone through a $9.99 iPhone app… or viceversa?


PreSonus’ new DAW software: Studio One

PreSonus, renown for signal processors, preamps and other recording related hardware, recently entered the DAW realm with Studio One. This sequencer/recorder is intended to target musicians and engineers of all levels as a friendlier alternative to the more intimidating offerings currently considered the standards.The PreSonus team focused on creating a virtual recording environment built for...


Novation befriends PT and Logic

Two of Novation’s latest keyboards have just made a substantial step towards universal integration. Nocturn Keyboard and SL MkII now work seamlessly with Logic 9 and Pro Tools. You can now control all Logic and Pro Tools’ own plug-ins, as well as most third-party plug-ins (Native Instruments, Waves, etc.). The two keyboards also allow control...


A classic updated: ProCo’s RAT2

ProCo’s RAT2 distortion pedal is an update on a classic from the early 1980s. With an appearance similar to the footswitch of a Marshal Amplifier, the pedal’s sound is reminiscent of the dirty channel on those British tube amps. However, Rat2 also features a thinner crunch characterized by solid state amps like the Fender M80...


New from NAMM: Apogee enters the realm of foot controllers

Apogee has built a super solid reputation as one of the best A/D D/A converter manufacturers (for those unaware, A stands for Analog and D for Digital, and converters are one of the main reasons why your home recordings will never sound very good). So this year at NAMM we were a little surprised to...


Great Guitar Pedals: Diamond Memory Lane 2

The Diamond Memory Lane 2 is a lush and expressive 100% analog delay pedal capable of producing some very convincing tape-style delays, consistently rich tones, and crazy spaceship noises. Equipped with an easily accessible tap-tempo switch, quarter note delays and triplet/U2 rhythms can be tapped in on the fly. The pedal also features a very...


(Modded) Mic Review: OktavaMod MJE-K47H

When you pay a lot for a brand name mic (that is, if you even have the money in the first place) you are paying for a quality design, build and components, right? For the most part that’s true. But it is frustrating to know that you are also paying more simply for the brand...

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