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Recording Advice

Mixing Drums Secrets: Eqing Overheads for Punch

MarcMcClusky_profile[1] Getting drums to sound "BIG" is one of the most common goals of your average rock band so we thought you might find useful this advice on how to get that bombastic live drum sound directly from a guy (producer Marc McClusky) who mixed record by Weezer, Everclear, and Bad...


Pedal Tricks: The Shimmer Effect


A lot of cool stuff can be done using creative pedal routing. A common sonic technique employed by U2's The Edge among others is "The Shimmer," an effect that creates an ethereal string-like reverb under your guitar's regular signal.


A brief history of Lo-Fi music and DIY recordings

DIY is a word that goes hand in hand with rock music. Read Delicious Audio's brief history of Lo-Fi music.


Production Advice: Know Your Filters: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Resonance.

Electronic music wouldn't sound much different from its electric sister if filters hadn't been invented. A filter is a frequency amplifier (or "tamer") device, i.e. an effect that operates on the frequencies of a sound - it...


Recording Tips: Editing Live Drums

The average indie musician is way sloppier than - say - folk or metal ones, and although music fans into genres like lo fi and garage rock can cope with drumming that's not tight, it's not a good idea to have drums too out...


The Old-Timey Single Mic Technique

If you are into folk music, you may have noticed that more and more revival country bands share just one microphone on stage - we witnessed that ourselves when Spirit Family Reunion (pictured) played our NYC B.E.A.F. at Brooklyn Bowl last June. This is...


5 Tips to Buying a Used or Vintage Acoustic Guitar

Used and vintage acoustic guitars can be your best friend or worst enemy. Obviously nothing is more important than how the guitar sounds and feels in your hands, but here are a few tips to make sure the guitar is in...


Human Factor in Electronic Drum Loops

My feeling as a music producer is that in Electronic Music today there is WAAAY too much to-the-beat quantization. For the uninitiated, “quantizing” is the process of aligning the hits of a musical phrase to the song...


Secrets of Mixing: Reverb – Space as Third Dimension

If EQ and pan are the most useful tools to create an “open” mix where instruments don’t step on each other’s frequency or placement in the stereo field, a mix wouldn't sound alive without the use of more subtle depth related effects and...


Mixing Electro Tracks: Ducking

Purely electronic music (dance in particular) is quite a different beast to mix compared to its electric and acoustic cousins. The lack of uneven “human factors” in the instrumental tracks makes the use of regular compression less crucial, while effects like filters, delays...


Secrets of Mixing: A/Bing

The easiest and quickest way to learn anything is by watching the pros in action. As far as mixing is concerned, we might not be able to be present in the studio with the best mixing engineers while they work, but we all...


Production ideas – replacing snare reverb with gated stereo samples

Many contemporary bands thrive on the creation of new sounds and textures. Here’s a cool idea that’s also CPU friendly – since it implies using samples instead of computer-power-hungry reverb plug-ins.

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