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Electro Harmonix unveils the East River Drive

After a period spent focusing on effects other than distortion, Electro Harmonix in 2013 seems to have shifted its attention back to what made it famous in the early days. After repackaging their classic 70s Hot Tubes pedal in "nano" format, the NYC based builder...


EHX releases nano re-issue of Hot Tubes

"Vintage" is a word that keeps inspiring many guitarists (and collectors of all kinds). Electro Harmonix, one of the very first manufacturers to unleash the creative possibilities of the stompbox format, has a series of pedals that can be filed under that...


Guitar Pedal News: Electro-Harmonix RTG and 8 Step Program

A couple of new boxes from Electro-Harmonix that aren't very traditional-but cool nonetheless-are the RTG and 8 Step Program. The RTG or Random Tone Generator is actually a recreation of the device box of the same...


Guitar Pedal News: Electro-Harmonix Hog 2 and Hog 2 Foot Controller

Electro-Harmonix has something new for us. Looks pretty snazzy! The award winning HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator) earned kudos from players and reviewers alike because of its ability to generate ten, totally polyphonic and glitch free voices ranging from two octaves below to...


Pedal News: EH Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi


The key with bass fuzz/distortion is that it is really easy for the bass to start loosing its integrity in the mix. That's why the inclusion of the Mix control is so crucial. The ability to dial in just the right amount of fuzz paired with an XLR D.I....


Pedal Reviews: EHX Superego

Electro Harmonix's latest creation, the Superego pedal is a sustain and synth engine stomp box. It follows in the footsteps of their beloved Freeze sound retainer pedal. The Freeze pedal itself is a very innovative sustain pedal. It is essentially a very...

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