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New FX: Guitar double trackers – TC Electronics Mimiq and Keeley 30ms

doublt-trackers Double tracking guitar parts has been a technique used in recording for decades (and also live actually, if there is more than one guitarist) to thicken things up. It can make guitars sound bigger, fuller, wider, and more textured. In the '60s Abbey Road Studio's engineer

Keeley Electronics – Loomer • Mag Echo • Tone Workstation

Directly from the Keeley FX YouTube Channel, check it out! "Spent a little time with the Tone Workstation, Mag Echo, and Loomer yesterday, and the results were inspiring. We love how the Loomer's Soft Focus reverb plays with the Mag's warm delay.


New Pedals: Keeley Multi Echo ME-8

Keeley-Electronics-ME8-Multi-Echo-Pedal-300x491[1] As we all know, pedal lovers can be divided in two categories: those who like uncluttered effects with a few knobs, and those who seek stompboxes that open many creative possibilities, no matter the number of controls. With its eight algorithms controlled through just five knobs, the...


Fuzz + Reverb in one pedal: Keeley’s Sojourner

Edmond, Oklahoma manufacturer Keeley just announced the release of the Sojourner Fuzz/Reverb, a pedal that will surely tickle the curiosity of guitarists into psych rock and shoegaze, genres that make heavy use of both effects, normally in the same pedal chain.


New Pedals: Keeley GC-2 Limiting Amplifier

Keeley's compression pedals have an incredible reputation, so the release of a new "Limiting Amplifier" (called GC-2) is certainly an event that should get many guitarists interested.


New Pedals: Keeley Electronics Seafoam Chorus

Oklahoma based manufacturer Keeley Electronics is an established name in the world of guitar pedals, offering both original effects and mods, with a particular attention towards the process of "discovery" of the right component for each tonal idea they are trying...