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Giraffes? Giraffes! – Pedals & Creative Process

girafffes Western MA-based GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!  is one of those bands crafting deliciously head-spinning math-rock licks so labyrinthine, that you'd imagine it'd be tough for even a full four or five piece band to execute. So, when you hear that their music is the work of...


Stylish new pedals: Gurus Amps

gurus You know how Italians are, right? Everything needs to be "BELLO," because... who on earth wants to see things that are "BRUTTE"? (By the way, we are using full caps because Italians are notoriously loud, and truly yours, who in the  Mediterranean peninsula was born and raised, can certainly confirm that!). Well,...


Doom Metal Band, King Woman, Talks about Guitar and Bass Pedals

kw-boards If the ground were to one day crack open, and the sounds of Tartarus began to seep out of the earth, I'd like to imagine the hellish cacophony would sound a bit like King Woman. The San Francisco-based four-piece crafts the...


The Fantastic Plastics’ Gear and Creative Process

318073_511477292208825_1176848818_n[1] It's almost impossible to not be immediately smitten with the Fantastic Plastics. With their bright colors and quirky demeanor, the Brooklyn-based duo re-imagines retro-synth pop for the 21st century. While they're sure to delight nostalgia seekers, the band's catchy, fun tracks have a wide appeal that's...


Adventure Audio unveils the Dream Reaper Fuzzy Modulation Machine

dream-reaper-product-shot_1024x10241 We love crazy pedals with lotsa knobs and we also love the quirky but beautifully shot videos produced by Knobs. One of their latest is about... this crazy pedal with lotsa knob by Adventure Audio, called the Dream Reaper. Wanna know what's in it? Here's how...


Best Guitar Pedals of 2016 according to Gearphoria

best-of-2016 Our friends at Gearphoria recently published the list of the best Stompboxes of 2016; below you can finds and an interactive gallery linked to this feature - each picture links to the pedal's most popular YouTube video! You can read the full article in print or online...


Devi Ever’s new pedal designs under the Fuzz Goddess moniker

bandicam-2016-09-16-16-39-42-4131 In the aughts, Devi Ever's boutique pedal manufacturer Devi Ever : FX built extreme sounding stompboxes (like the Shoe Gazer and the Hyperion) that became some kind of cult among guitarists into noisy and adventurous genres like noise rock and shoegazer.


Pavo Pavo’s Gear and Creative Process

13428659_1746723802208671_5870013646180779975_n1 With psychedelic leanings and spacey synths that could believably been beamed down from Pluto, Brooklyn-based Pavo Pavo has a sound that's both warm and familiar, and yet hard to place. The band seems to comfortably straddle between the deeper trenches of Brian Wilson's brain and the new face...


New Pedals: Hungry Robot [fz] Fuzz

fz We got to meet Eric and his Hungry Robot Pedals in person earlier this year at our Summer NAMM shared booth. Living Room Gear just produced this demo for their [fz] pedal - as you guessed, it's a fuzz - check it out! Gear used for the demo:...


Minature Tigers’ Gear and Creative Process

14720612_10154757121309155_2432180885236369966_n1 Miniature Tigers is officially back with their first release since 2014. I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy, the new 11-track LP from the indie rock band is a short departure from the group's previous releases--often unpolished, organic, and lovingly displaying...


Best Mini Delay & Echo Pedals of 2017: Compare Price and Features

minidelays So the budget is tight, the space on your board is little, and you desperately need a delay pedal. Here's an interactive page that sums up all the options you have; to navigate it, follow these guidelines:

Big Thief’s Buck Meek shows us the effects on his pedal board

bt Big Thief's debut album "Masterpiece" has been rocking our world this year - our sister blog named it The Deli NYC's Record of the Month back in July. We asked the band's guitarist...


New FX Manufacturer: Friday Club Pedals

ed-450b-new-front_grande1 Newcomers to the pedal game Friday Club, out of Portland Oregon, have designed a solid line of 3 knob stompboxes. The line features almost exclusively distortions, fuzzes and overdrives: there one for all palates, including metal-heads (PD-100) and a screamer emulation (Green Menace). The only exception is...

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