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Distortion board at the Bklyn Stompbox Exhibit

Distortion Here are the pedals hosted in our Distortion Mixed boards, part of the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit at Williamsburg's Main Drag Music. There will be a few hundred pedals for guitarists to try, do not miss!


New Pedals at the BKLYN Stompbox Exhibit 2015

board-deli Our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2015 is just around the corner, and it's time to highlight some of the hottest and newest pedals that you - stompbox geeks - will be able to meet at this sort of "speed-dating event" for pedal lovers.


Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2015 – September 19-20!


The Deli, Delicious Audio, and Main Drag Music are proud to announce the 5th edition of The NYC StompBox Exhibit, a free for all interactive display of guitar effect pedals.


Boards at the SNAMM ’15 Stompbox Exhibit

IMG_3802 IMG_3803 Check out all the boards of the manufacturers that participated in the Summer NAMM 2015 Stompbox Exhibit!


Stompbox Exhibit at SNAMM 2015 – List of Manufacturers

10492084_491919504276157_8868667613240096786_n[1] The Stompbox Exhibit's booth from SNAMM 2014[/caption]We've been taking our Stompbox Exhibit concept to the NAMM shows since 2013, mainly with the purpose of allowing emerging manufacturers to be able to showcase their products at these important conventions at a fraction of the price. At this...