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Announcing The Austin StompBox Exhibit

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Review: Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop and Unpleasant Surprise

Fairfield Circuitry is a tiny oddball, boutique audio effects company from Canada. I note the canadian heritage in that the physical aesthetic choices as well as the functions of the effects are reminiscent of a backwoods experiment by bearded men with too...


Over 200 pedals on display at The Deli’s 2012 Stomp Box Exhibit in Brooklyn – OCTOBER 19-20

Above, a selection of the distortion pedals on display at our Stomp Box Exhibit 2012 (click on the image to read the descriptions). Visitors will be able to test all the pedals in the headphones.


Level up with these 8 bit guitar pedals

Hearing the term '8 bit audio' probably makes you think of old school arcade games or vintage Nintendo titles, but converting higher quality audio to 8 bits is an effect that can be used to achieve a variety of sounds - including some very...